Fanny L. Berg, M.D., Wilmington, DE

I am writing this letter to endorse the seat covers made by Kehei Traveler. As a frequent airline traveler and dermatologist, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems, I am well aware of the exposure to contagious bacteria, mites and viruses that can occur on flights and other seats. The KeheiTraveler seat cover provides and added layer of protection for my body against the transmission of germs because it provides a bacteriostatic barrier between my body and the underlying seat. I also am a believer in Tea Tree Oil and appreciate the fact that the seat covers are infused with it, which adds an even extra barrier of protection.
Why has no one thought of this before? I applaud Ms. Moore for developing such a great product that will cut down on the risk of transmission of organisms. Theses seat covers are also great for use in theaters, rental cars, cruise ships, and other public seating venues.